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also if you wanna go deeper

hylia and demise literally pulled pretty much the exact same strings with ghirahim and link to get what they wanted. it just so happened that hylia was the victor.

also hylia kinda made impa wait for millennia all by herself in the sealed grounds just so she’d be ready to play messenger girl for when zelda and link arrived.

still kinda fucked.

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So, it is my birthday today, right? And my gf had been kicking me out of my room and staying at her mother’s for the past two weeks and I didn’t know why. Nor did I suspect why she bought so much DAS (modelling clay) or sand paper.

So, this morning, I figured out why x3

When I was young and a total poke-fan, I had a dream (my favorite dream) in which i was best friends with a Charmander. So, now I have one for myself thanks to her <3

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